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About the Schofield Trading Co.

Edwin Schofield
Edwin Schofield, Founder

¨I believe that great objects inspire wonder. What a world it could be, where you don’t have to follow the crowd. If everyone’s home was a museum to their own individuality. Full of the most amazing objects, both beautiful and unique. Where it becomes ordinary, to be extraordinary.

Here at the Schofield Trading Co. we like to do things a bit different. We relish the dreamer, the eccentric and the unconventional.

I search high and low for really beautiful and unusual objects. Then we combine them to create some of the most amazing things you never even knew existed. Everyone of them as unique as your fingerprint. Weeks of work can go into a single object.

We are not interested in mass market. We are only interested in individuality.

Come and make a statement with us.¨


Tribal Sonye Wooden carved mask


A large Tribal Sonye Wooden carved mask from Congo in Central Africa. Standing 43cm tall, this mask would have been used for ceremonial purposes. Dating from the early half of the 20th Century, It would have been brought back during Belgian rule as a collected item of empire. I do not know what sort of wood it is carved from, but its beautiful rustic charm is clear to see.

A perfect display piece to hang on a wall or sit on the sideboard. It is very stable stood up. A real collectors item and a piece of world social history and traditional folk law from a time that has now sadly passed out of living memory.

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